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Our codalux projector lamps are compatible lamps with tested quality. We have been working here for years with the same, reliable manufacturers from Asia and North America to ensure a high and consistent quality of our products. In terms of luminosity and durability, the codalux lamps are based on the values ​​of the original light sources and are usually almost reached. The sometimes high price differences between the codalux lamps and the ProLine lamps arise because we always try to optimize our production costs and thus can pass low prices on to our customers. Since we are convinced of the quality of our codalux lamps, we exchange them within the first 6 months, e.g. in the event of dissatisfaction with the service or even a defect, or refund the full purchase price!

Here you will find an overview of the different types of lamps codalux replacement lamp Projector lamp without module (cage) to replace the built-in bulb using the existing cage. codalux replacement lamp with housing Projector lamp including cage for quick and easy replacement of the existing projector lamp module.