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codalux remote control for LG AKB73715601, 32LN570R, 32LN575S, 32LN578V, 39LN575S, 42LA8609, 42LN570S, 42LN575S, 42LN578V, 42LN613S, 47LN575S, 47LN613S, 50LN575S, 55LA690V, 55LA691V, 55LA860V, 55LA868V, 55LA960V, 58UF8307, 60LN575S, 19MN43D, 19MN43DPZ, 22LN4503ZB, 22LN4503-ZB, 22LN4505ZB, 22LN4505-ZB, 22LN450BZB, 22LN450B-ZB, 22LN450RZB, 22LN450R-ZB, 22LN450UZB, 22LN450U-ZB, 22LN4573ZI, 22LN4573-ZI, 22LN4575ZI, 22LN4575-ZI, 22LN457BZI, 22LN457B-ZI, 22LN457RZI, 22LN457UZI, 22LN457U-ZI, 22MN43D, 22MT44D, 24LN4503ZB, 24LN4503-ZB, 24LN4505ZB, 24LN4505-ZB, 24LN450BZB, 24LN450B-ZB, 24LN450RZB, 24LN450R-ZB, 24LN450UZB, 24LN450U-ZB, 24LN4573ZI, 24LN4573-ZI, 24LN4575ZI, 24LN4575-ZI, 24LN457BZI, 24LN457B-ZI, 24LN457RZI, 24LN457R-ZI, 24LN457UZI, 24LN457U-ZI, 24MN33D, 24MS53, 24MS53S, 24MS53V, 24MT30S, 24MT45, 24MT46D, 26LN4503ZB, 26LN4503-ZB, 26LN4505ZB, 26LN4505-ZB, 26LN450B, 26LN450BZB, 26LN450B-ZB, 26LN450RZB, 26LN450R-ZB, 26LN450U, 26LN450UZB, 26LN450U-ZB, 26LN4573ZI, 26LN4573-ZI, 26LN4575ZI, 26LN4575-ZI, 26LN457BZI, 26LN457B-ZI, 26LN457RZI, 26LN457R-ZI, 26LN457UZI, 26LN457U-ZI, 28LB490, 28LB490V, 28LF491U, 28LN4503ZB, 28LN4503-ZB, 28LN4505ZB, 28LN4505-ZB, 28LN450BZB, 28LN450B-ZB, 28LN450RZB, 28LN450R-ZB, 28LN450UZB, 28LN450U-ZB, 28LN4573ZI, 28LN4573-ZI, 28LN4575ZI, 28LN4575-ZI, 28LN457BZI, 28LN457B-ZI, 28LN457RZI, 28LN457R-ZI, 28LN457UZI, 28LN457U-ZI, 29LN4503ZB, 29LN4503-ZB, 29LN4505ZB, 29LN4505-ZB, 29LN450BZB, 29LN450B-ZB, 29LN450RZB, 29LN450R-ZB, 29LN450UZB, 29LN450U-ZB, 29LN4573ZI, 29LN4573-ZI, 29LN4575ZI, 29LN4575-ZI, 29LN457BZI, 29LN457B-ZI, 29LN457RZI, 29LN457R-ZI, 29LN457UZI, 29LN457U-ZI, 29MN33DPZ, 29MT45, 32LB561, 32LB570U, 32LB570V, 32LB580U, 32LB580V, 32LB582, 32LB650, 32LF580, 32LF5800, 32LF580V, 32LF592U, 32LF630, 32LF632, 32LF650, 32LH604T, 32LN5400, 32LN540B, 32ln5707, 32LN570R, 32LN570RZA, 32LN570R-ZA, 32ln575, 32LN575S, 32ln578, 32LN578V, 32ln578-V, 32LS550, 37LN540B, 39LB561, 39LB570V, 39LB580V, 39LB650V, 39LN5400, 39LN575S, 40LF630, 40LF632, 40LF652, 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