codalux remote control for SHARP RC5117


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codalux remote control for SHARP RC5117, LC50LE772EN, LC-50LE772EN, BUSH LED-321273, BUSH 321273, BUSH LED-32265, BUSH 32265, BUSH LED-50273, Bush 50273, BUSH LED-32240, BUSH 32240, BUSH LED-42240, BUSH 42240, BUSH LED-42240, BUSH 42240, BUSH LED-50240, BUSH 50240, BUSH LED24127DVDCNT, BUSH 24127 BUSH LED-24265, BUSH 24265, BUSH LED-32127, BUSH 32127, BUSH LED-40127, BUSH40127, BUSH 40127, Bush 2464, BUSH DLED321273DCNT, BUSH DLED32265HDCNT, BUSH DLED50273FHDCN, BUSH ELED32240HDCNT, BUSH ELED42240FHDCN, BUSH ELED42240FHDCNTD3D, BUSH ELED50240FHDCN, BUSH LED24127DVDCNT,BUSH LED24265DVDCNT, BUSH LED32127HDCNTD,BUSH LED40127FHDCNT, Bush 32240FHDCNTD3D, Bush ELED32240FHDCNTD3D, Bush LED48304UHDT2, Bush LED40304UHDT2, Bush LED48304UHDT2, CELCUS 3216, CELCUS 40125, CELCUS 32167, CELCUS DLED32167HDCNT, CELCUS DLED40125FHDCN, DIGIHOME 24225SMLED, DIGIHOME 32180SMHDLED, DIGIHOME 32182SMHDLED, DIGIHOME 32182, DIGIHOME 32189HDLED, DIGIHOME 32189, DIGIHOME 39180SMFHDLEDT, DIGIHOME 39182SMFHDLED, DIGIHOME 40272SMFHDLED, DIGIHOME TXPROROM, DIGIHOME 42180FHDLEDT2S, DIGIHOME 50273SMFHDLEDT, DIGIHOME 50273SMLED, DIGIHOME 50273SMLEDTV, DIGIHOME DLC32SMART, DIGIHOME ELCF401080SMAR, DIGIHOME ELCF501080SMAR, DIGIHOME LCDVD24SMART, DIGIHOME LCF421080SNBSMART, DIGIHOME LCF421080SNBSM, DIGIHOME LCF501080SNB, FINLUX 32F8072T, FINLUX 32F8072-T, FINLUX 32FLK168BC, FINLUX 32FLK242BC, FINLUX 32FLK242BC, FINLUX 32FLK242BMC, FINLUX 32FLKR185BC, FINLUX 32H8075T, FINLUX 40F8073T, FINLUX 40FME242BT, FINLUX 42F8075T, FINLUX 42FLHK242HCD, FINLUX 42FLK242BC, FINLUX 42FME242ST, FINLUX 50FLHK242BC, FINLUX 50FLHK242BMC, FINLUX 50FLHKR240BC, FINLUX 50FLHKR242BHC, FINLUX 50FLHY985LC, FINLUX 50FME242BT, FINLUX 55FLHK242BHC, FINLUX-32F8072T, FINLUX-32F8072T, FINLUX-32FLK168BC, FINLUX-32FLK242BC, FINLUX-32FLK242BC, FINLUX-32FLK242BMC, FINLUX-32FLKR185BC, FINLUX-32H8075T, FINLUX-40F8073T, FINLUX 39FFB5161, FINLUX-40FME242BT, FINLUX-42F8075T, FINLUX-42FLHK242HCD, FINLUX-42FLK242BC, FINLUX-42FME242ST, FINLUX-50FLHK242BC, FINLUX-50FLHK242BMC, FINLUX-50FLHKR240BC, FINLUX-50FLHKR242BHC, FINLUX-50FLHY985LC, FINLUX-50FME242BT, FINLUX-55FLHK242BHC, FINLUX 32H502, FINLUX 37FLHT850UC, FINLUX 55FLSY990SL, FINLUX 32FLY168S, FINLUX 32FLYR125BM, Hitachi 50HYT62U, Hitachi 42HYT42U, Hitachi 43HGW69H, Hitachi 49HGW69H, Hitachi 65HZ6W69, Hitachi 32HB1S66I, Hitachi 24HE1510-W, LINSAR 24LED980S, 32LED980S, 22LED980S, 24LED2000ST, 28LED2000ST, 32LED500ST, LUXOR 50273SMARTLED, LUXOR LED39RST, LUXOR LED40RST, LUXOR LED50RST, LUXOR LED65RST, LUXOR LUX0150002B/01, LUXOR LUX0150002B01, LUXOR LUX0132001B01, LUXOR LUX0132001B02, LUXOR LUX0140001B01, LUXOR LUX0140001B/01, LUXOR LUX014200101, LUXOR LUX0150002B01, POLAROID 3-32-LED-14, POLAROID 3-40-LED-14, POLAROID 3-42-LED-14, POLAROID 3-50-LED-14, POLAROID 5-42-LED-14, POLAROID 3-50-TXPROM, POLAROID 322LED14, POLAROID 324LED14, POLAROID 332LED14, POLAROID 340LED14, POLAROID 350LED14, POLAROID 542LED14 POLAROID 550LED14, POLAROID 3-32-LED-14, POLAROID P65D600, Schaub Lorenz 40LE-E6800, Schaub Lorenz 32LE-E4800, Schaub Lorenz 32LE-E6900, Schaub Lorenz 26LE-E4900, Schaub Lorenz 22LE-E590, Telefunken 55-FUA-8020, Telefunken 48-FUA-8020, Telefunken 65-FUA-8010, Telefunken 50-FFA-6010, Telefunken 65FLHKR249BHC, Telefunken 55FLHKR249BC, Telefunken 40-FFA-5610, Telefunken 40-FwA-5610, Telefunken D43F287M3CW, Telefunken D48F287M4CW, Telefunken D49F279N3CW, Telefunken 40-FFA-4110, Telefunken 32-FUA-4110, Telefunken L48U300N4CW, Telefunken L48U500M4CWI, Telefunken L55F243N3CV1, Telefunken XF43B400, Telefunken XF48B400, Telefunken XF55A400, Telefunken T26R906HDRPVR, Telefunken T32EP843FHDVB-T, Telefunken T32EX1320SAT, Telefunken 65FHD250BC, Telefunken 55FHDC6300B, Telefunken S65302FHDW, Telefunken 4317UHD31B, Telefunken 5516UHD300B, Telefunken H483003D, Telefunken T32R982LED, Telefunken D39F265B3CW, Telefunken D39F275M3CW, Telefunken D40F286B4CW, Telefunken D43F287M3CW, Telefunken D48F287M4CW, Telefunken D49F279N3CW, Telefunken L65U249Q4CW, Telefunken LE24F970CCTS2B, Telefunken LE32HR1312BCTS2, Telefunken D55U297N4CWI, JVC LT-39C740, JVC LT-50C740, JVC LT-50TW60J, JVC LT-32C740, Digihome 50US181, 50US181, Digihome 50278FHDD, Finlux 26FLD915CTSLED, Finlux 26FLY805H, Finlux 26FLY850VHU, Hyundai XF55A400, Hyundai XF55A401, Hyundai XF55B400, Hyundai XU40A401, Hyundai XU43A401, Hyundai XU48A401, Hyundai XU49A401, Hyundai XU49B401, Hyundai XU49C401, Hyundai XU55A401, Hyundai XU55A441C, Hyundai XU55C401, Hyundai XU65A401, Hyundai XU65A441, Telefunken 32HB5150, Telefunken 32HB5151, Telefunken 43FB5151, Telefunken 43UC7250, Telefunken 49UC7250, Telefunken 55UC7250, Telefunken 65UC8250, Telefunken XU65A441, Telefunken XU65A401, Telefunken XU55C401, Telefunken XU55A441C, Telefunken B32F545A, B32F545B, Telefunken D43F287N4CW, Telefunken B49F446A, Telefunken D32F278X4CW, Telefunken D49F279N3CW, Telefunken D55F287B4CW, Telefunken D55F287M4CW, Telefunken D55F287N3CW, Telefunken D55F287Y4CW, Telefunken XF43A401W, Telefunken XF55A400, Telefunken XF55A401, Telefunken XF55B400, Telefunken XU40A401, Telefunken XU43A401, Telefunken XU48A401, Telefunken XU49A401, Telefunken XU49B401, Telefunken XU49C401, Telefunken XU50D401, Telefunken XU55A441C, Telefunken XH32D401, Telefunken T55EX1988, Telefunken 30090680, Telefunken D32F278X4CWI, Telefunken B39F446A, Telefunken B32F545B, Techwood 55AO2SB, Techwood 65AO2SB, Techwood TK3200ITM16, LUXOR LED50DBi, Hitachi 43HGW69H, Hitachi 49HGW69H, Hitachi 65HZ6W69, Hitachi 32HB1S66I, Hitachi 24HE1510- Hitachi 40HE1511-W, Hitachi 24HE151/W, Hitachi 32HB1SS6I, Hitachi 48HBT62U, Hitachi 43HGT69U, JVC LT32TW51J, JVC LT-32TW51J, JVC LT39C740, NABO 32LV4810, NABO 49UV6200, NABO 49UV8100

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