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LG 6710900010X, 6710900010A original remote control for 19LD340NZA, 19LD340N-ZA, 19LD340ZA, 19LD340-ZA, 19LD341NZB, 19LD341N-ZB, 19LD341ZB, 19LD341-ZB, 19LD348ZA, 19LD348-ZA, 19LD350, 19LD350C, 19LD350CZA, 19LD350C-ZA, 19LD350NZA, 19LD350N-ZA, 19LD350UA, 19LD350-UA, 19LD350UB, 19LD350-UB, 19LD350ZA, 19LD350-ZA, 19LD351NZB, 19LD351N-ZB, 19LD351ZB, 19LD351-ZB, 19LD358ZA, 19LD358-ZA, 19LD359ZB, 19LD359-ZB, 19LE3300ZA, 19LE3300-ZA, 19LE3308ZA, 19LE3308-ZA, 19LE330NZA, 19LE330N-ZA, 19LE3310ZB, 19LE3310-ZB, 19LE331NZB, 19LE331N-ZB, 19LE5300UE, 19LE5300-UE, 19LH20, 19LU55, 19LU55UB, 22LD340NZA, 22LD340N-ZA, 22LD340ZA, 22LD340-ZA, 22LD341NZB, 22LD341N-ZB, 22LD341ZB, 22LD341-ZB, 22LD348ZA, 22LD348-ZA, 22LD350, 22LD350C, 22LD350CZA, 22LD350C-ZA, 22LD350NZA, 22LD350N-ZA, 22LD350UA, 22LD350-UA, 22LD350UB, 22LD350-UB, 22LD350ZA, 22LD350-ZA, 22LD351NZB, 22LD351N-ZB, 22LD351ZB, 22LD351-ZB, 22LD358ZA, 22LD358-ZA, 22LD359ZB, 22LD359-ZB, 22LE3300ZA, 22LE3300-ZA, 22LE3308ZA, 22LE3308-ZA, 22LE330NZA, 22LE330N-ZA, 22LE3310ZB, 22LE3310-ZB, 22LE331NZB, 22LE331N-ZB, 22LE5300UE, 22LE5300-UE, 22LE5500UA, 22LE5500-UA, 22LE5500ZA, 22LE5500-ZA, 22LE5508ZA, 22LE5508-ZA, 22LE550NZA, 22LE550N-ZA, 22LE5510ZB, 22LE5510-ZB, 22LE5518ZB, 22LE5518-ZB, 22LE551NZB, 22LE551N-ZB, 22LH20, 22LH200C, 22LH200C.AUS, 22LH200CAUS, 22LH200CUA, 22LS3500, 22LS3510, 22LT560C, 22LU55, 22LU55UB, 24MA31D, 24MA31DPU, 26LD320H, 26LD340H, 26LD340NZA, 26LD340N-ZA, 26LD340ZA, 26LD340-ZA, 26LD341NZB, 26LD341N-ZB, 26LD341ZB, 26LD341-ZB, 26LD348ZA, 26LD348-ZA, 26LD350CZA, 26LD350C-ZA, 26LD350NZA, 26LD350N-ZA, 26LD350UA, 26LD350-UA, 26LD350UB, 26LD350-UB, 26LD350ZA, 26LD350-ZA, 26LD351NZB, 26LD351N-ZB, 26LD351ZB, 26LD351-ZB, 26LD358ZA, 26LD358-ZA, 26LD359ZB, 26LD359-ZB, 26LE3300ZA, 26LE3300-ZA, 26LE3308ZA, 26LE3308-ZA, 26LE330NZA, 26LE330N-ZA, 26LE3310ZB, 26LE3310-ZB, 26LE331NZB, 26LE331N-ZB, 26LE5300, 26LE5300UE, 26LE5300-UE, 26LE5500, 26LE5500UA, 26LE5500-UA, 26LE5500ZA, 26LE5500-ZA, 26LE5508ZA, 26LE5508-ZA, 26LE550NZA, 26LE550N-ZA, 26LE5510ZB, 26LE5510-ZB, 26LE5518ZB, 26LE5518-ZB, 26LE551NZB, 26LE551N-ZB, 26LG40, 26LG40UA, 26LG40UG, 26LH20, 26LH20UA, 26LH210C, 26LS3500, 26LS3510, 26LT560C, 26LT670H, 26LT670HUA, 26LT673H, 26LT673HUA, 26MA31D, 32CS460, 32CS461, 32CS560, 32CS560UE.AUSDLUR, 32CS560UE.AUSYLJR, 32CS560UE.AUSYLUR, 32LB5800, 32LB580B, 32LC50CB, 32LC50CS, 32LC5DC, 32LC5DCB, 32LC5DCS, 32LD310H, 32LD320, 32LD320H, 32LD320UA, 32LD320-UA, 32LD325H, 32LD330H, 32LD333H, 32LD340H, 32LD340NZA, 32LD340N-ZA, 32LD340ZA, 32LD340-ZA, 32LD341NZB, 32LD341N-ZB, 32LD341ZB, 32LD341-ZB, 32LD345H, 32LD348ZA, 32LD348-ZA, 32LD350, 32LD350C, 32LD350C173UA, 32LD350C-173UA, 32LD350CZA, 32LD350C-ZA, 32LD350NZA, 32LD350N-ZA, 32LD350UA, 32LD350-UA, 32LD350UB, 32LD350-UB, 32LD350ZA, 32LD350-ZA, 32LD351NZB, 32LD351N-ZB, 32LD351ZB, 32LD351-ZB, 32LD358ZA, 32LD358-ZA, 32LD359ZB, 32LD359-ZB, 32LD420CZA, 32LD420C-ZA, 32LD420NZA, 32LD420N-ZA, 32LD420UA, 32LD420-UA, 32LD420ZA, 32LD420-ZA, 32LD421NZB, 32LD421N-ZB, 32LD421ZB, 32LD421-ZB, 32LD428ZA, 32LD428-ZA, 32LD450CZA, 32LD450C-ZA, 32LD450NZA, 32LD450N-ZA, 32LD450UA, 32LD450-UA, 32LD450ZA, 32LD450-ZA, 32LD458ZA, 32LD458-ZA, 32LD520UA, 32LD520-UA, 32LD550, 32LD550NZC, 32LD550N-ZC, 32LD550UB, 32LD550-UB, 32LD550ZC, 32LD550-ZC, 32LD551NZA, 32LD551N-ZA, 32LD551ZA, 32LD551-ZA, 32LD558ZC, 32LD558-ZC, 32LD559ZA, 32LD559-ZA, 32LD650H, 32LD655H, 32LE3300ZA, 32LE3300-ZA, 32LE3308ZA, 32LE3308-ZA, 32LE330NZA, 32LE330N-ZA, 32LE4500ZA, 32LE4500-ZA, 32LE4508ZA, 32LE4508-ZA, 32LE450NZA, 32LE450N-ZA, 32LE5300, 32LE5300UC, 32LE5300-UC, 32LE5300ZA, 32LE5300-ZA, 32LE5308ZA, 32LE5308-ZA, 32LE530NZA, 32LE530N-ZA, 32LE5310ZB, 32LE5310-ZB, 32LE5318ZB, 32LE5318-ZB, 32LE531NZB, 32LE531N-ZB, 32LE5400UC, 32LE5400-UC, 32LF11, 32LG10, 32LG20, 32LG20UA, 32LG30, 32LG30DC, 32LG30DCUA, 32LG30UA, 32LG30UD, 32LG3DC, 32LG40, 32LG40UA, 32LG40UG, 32LG500H, 32LG60, 32LG60UA, 32LG70, 32LG700H, 32LG700HUA, 32LG70UA, 32LG710H, 32LG710HUA, 32LH20, 32LH200C, 32LH200CUA, 32LH20UA, 32LH210C, 32LH30, 32LM5800, 32LM6400, 32LM6400SA, 32LN5300UB, 32LP560M, 32LP620H, 32LP620HUH, 32LP621H, 32LP621HUA, 32LP645H, 32LP645HUH, 32LS3400, 32LS3410, 32LS3410173UB, 32LS3410-173UB, 32LS3450, 32LS3450UA, 32LS3500, 32LS3510, 32LS5700, 32LT560C, 32LT670H, 32LT670HUA, 32LT770H, 32LT770HUA, 32LT777H, 32LT777HUA, 32LV555H, 32LV555HUA, 32LX50C, 32LX50CS, 32LX5DC, 32LX5DCS, 37CS560, 37CS560UE.AUSYLJR, 37CS560UE.AUSYLUR, 37LC50C, 37LC50CB, 37LC5DC, 37LC5DC1, 37LC5DCB, 37LD310H, 37LD320H, 37LD325H, 37LD330H, 37LD333H, 37LD340H, 37LD350, 37LD420CZA, 37LD420C-ZA, 37LD420NZA, 37LD420N-ZA, 37LD420ZA, 37LD420-ZA, 37LD421NZB, 37LD421N-ZB, 37LD421ZB, 37LD421-ZB, 37LD428ZA, 37LD428-ZA, 37LD450, 37LD450C, 37LD450C173UA, 37LD450C-173UA, 37LD450CUA, 37LD450C-UA, 37LD450CZA, 37LD450C-ZA, 37LD450NZA, 37LD450N-ZA, 37LD450UA, 37LD450-UA, 37LD450ZA, 37LD450-ZA, 37LD458ZA, 37LD458-ZA, 37LD650H, 37LD655H, 37LE4500ZA, 37LE4500-ZA, 37LE4508ZA, 37LE4508-ZA, 37LE450NZA, 37LE450N-ZA, 37LE5300, 37LE5300UC, 37LE5300-UC, 37LE5300ZA, 37LE5300-ZA, 37LE5308ZA, 37LE5308-ZA, 37LE530NZA, 37LE530N-ZA, 37LE5310ZB, 37LE5310-ZB, 37LE5318ZB, 37LE5318-ZB, 37LE531NZB, 37LE531N-ZB, 37lg10, 37LG10UM, 37LG10-UM, 37LG30, 37LG30DC, 37LG30DCUA, 37LG30UA, 37LG30UD, 37LG50, 37LG50UA, 37LG50UG, 37LG60, 37LG60UA, 37LG60UG, 37LG700H, 37LG700HUA, 37LG700HUB, 37LG710H, 37LG710HUA, 37LH20, 37LH200C, 37LH20UA, 37LH30, 37LH30UA, 37LP620H, 37LP645H, 37LP645HUH, 37LT560C, 37LT560E, 37LT670H, 37LT670HUA, 37LT770H, 37LT770HUA, 37LT777H, 37LT777HUA, 37LV555H, 37LV555HUA, 39LB5800, 39LB5800UG, 39LP620H, 39LP620HUH, 39LP645H, 39LP645HUH, 42CS530, 42CS560, 42CS560UE.AUSYLHR, 42CS570, 42LA6200, 42LA6205, 42LB5800, 42LB5DC, 42LC5DC, 42LD320H, 42LD340H, 42LD420CZA, 42LD420C-ZA, 42LD420NZA, 42LD420N-ZA, 42LD420UA, 42LD420-UA, 42LD420ZA, 42LD420-ZA, 42LD421NZB, 42LD421N-ZB, 42LD421ZB, 42LD421-ZB, 42LD428ZA, 42LD428-ZA, 42LD450C, 42LD450C173UA, 42LD450C-173UA, 42LD450CUA, 42LD450C-UA, 42LD450CZA, 42LD450C-ZA, 42LD450NZA, 42LD450N-ZA, 42LD450UA, 42LD450-UA, 42LD450ZA, 42LD450-ZA, 42LD452C, 42LD458ZA, 42LD458-ZA, 42LD470UA, 42LD470-UA, 42LD520UA, 42LD520-UA, 42LD550, 42LD550NZC, 42LD550N-ZC, 42LD550UB, 42LD550-UB, 42LD550ZC, 42LD550-ZC, 42LD551NZA, 42LD551N-ZA, 42LD551ZA, 42LD551-ZA, 42LD558ZC, 42LD558-ZC, 42LD559ZA, 42LD559-ZA, 42LD630UC, 42LD630-UC, 42LD650H, 42LD655H, 42LE4500NZA, 42LE4500N-ZA, 42LE4500ZA, 42LE4500-ZA, 42LE4508ZA, 42LE4508-ZA, 42LE5300, 42LE5300UC, 42LE5300-UC, 42LE5300ZA, 42LE5300-ZA, 42LE5308ZA, 42LE5308-ZA, 42LE530C, 42LE530CUC, 42LE530C-UC, 42LE530NZA, 42LE530N-ZA, 42LE5310ZB, 42LE5310-ZB, 42LE5318ZB, 42LE5318-ZB, 42LE531NZB, 42LE531N-ZB, 42LE5350UB, 42LE5350-UB, 42LE5400UC, 42LE5400-UC, 42LE5500UA, 42LE5500-UA, 42LE7300, 42LE7300UA, 42LE7300-UA, 42LE7500, 42LE7500UC, 42LE7500-UC, 42LF11, 42LG30, 42LG30DC, 42LG30DCUA, 42LG30UA, 42LG30UD, 42LG30UDLG, 42LG50, 42LG500H, 42LG500HUA, 42LG500HUB, 42LG50DC, 42LG50DCUG, 42LG50UA, 20LS7DCUK, 20LS7DC-UK, 23LS7DC, 26LC2D, 26LC7DUB, 32CL2D, 32LC2D, 32LC2DA, 32LC2DAUE, 32LC2DC, 32LC2DU, 32LC2DUD, 32LC2D-UD, 32LC2DUE, 32LC2D-UE, 32LC2R, 32LC7D, 32LC7DC, 32LCD2D, 32LD400UA, 32LD400-UA, 37LB2R, 37LB4DS, 37LB5D, 37LC25R, 37LC2D, 37LC2DUD, 37LC2D-UD, 37LC7D, 37LC7DUK, 42LB4DS, 42LBX, 42LC2D, 42LC2DAUE, 42LC2DUD, 42LC2D-UD, 42LC2R, 42LC3R, 42LC7D, 42PC1R, 42PC1RV, 42PC1RVZJ, 42PC1RV-ZJ, 42PC3D, 42PC3DB, 42PC3DC, 42PC3DCUD, 42PC3DC-UD, 42PC3DDUD, 42PC3DD-UD, 42PC3DDUE, 42PC3DD-UE, 42PC3DH, 42PC3D-H, 42PC3DHUD, 42PC3DH-UD, 42PC3DUD, 42PC3D-UD, 42PC3DUE, 42PC3D-UE, 42PC3DV, 42PC3DVA, 42PC3DVAUD, 42PC3DVA-UD, 42PC3DVAUE, 42PC3DVA-UE, 42PC3DVUD, 42PC3DV-UD, 42PC3DVUDA1, 42PC3DV-UDA1, 42PC3DVUE, 42PC3DV-UE, 42PC3RA, 42PC3RAZJ, 42PC3RA-ZJ, 42PC3RV, 42PC3RVZJ, 42PC3RV-ZJ, 42PC5D, 42PC5DC, 47LBX, 50PC3D, 50PC3DB, 50PC3D-B, 50PC3DBUE, 50PC3DBUL, 50PC3DDUE, 50PC3DD-UE, 50PC3DH, 50PC3D-H, 50PC3DHUD, 50PC3DH-UD, 50PC3DHUD.A, 50PC3DHUD.A1, 50PC3DUD, 50PC3D-UD, 50PC3DUE, 50PC3D-UE, 50PC3DX, 50PC3D-X, 50PC5D, 50PC5DC, 50PY3D, 52LB5D, 52LB5DF, 52LBX, 60PC1D, 60PC1DC, 60PC1DUE, 6710900010X, 6710V00151W, MKJ39927809, NSPDP42, NSPDP4209, NSPDP50, NSPDP5009, PA73E, PP61A, Z32LC2D, Z42LC2D, Z42LC2DA, Z42LCZD, Z42P3, Z42PX3DUE, Z50P3

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